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                    Thav, Gross, Steinway & Bennett.: David Steinberg
                    Plunkett & Cooney: Mark Mcgowan
                    Varnum, Reddering, Schmidt & Howlett: Paul Mckenney
                    Estate Planning Institute Group, L.L.C.-Herbert Goldstein
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                    Comerica Bank: Lisa Burton 248-553-3661
                    Bank of America: Patricia Grawbarger 248-681-9666
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                    Tri-Pups, Inc.: Chris Adamski
                    Great Renovations, Inc.: Mark Pouch
                    Jet-Aire Services, Inc.
                    Meemic Insurance: Randy Cagwin 248-819-6798
                    SDS Health Insurance Agency: Linda Dysinger 313-537-4335
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                    A & C ELECTRIC COMPANY, INC.
                    Lincoln Services, L.L.C.
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                    Fairlane Nursing Centre
                    Lakepointe Villa
                    Oakpointe Nursing Centre
                    Lahser Hills Nursing Centre
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                    ADP Payroll Service-Michelle Longo 313-317-5829
                    Paychex: Nicole Burskey 248-488-1100
                    Pension Consultants, Inc.
                    Pet Butler
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                    Sir Speedy: Tom Kenyon
                    Koch-Mcnabb Resources: Gary Morehead
                    Max Printing and Copying: Tom Schendel
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                    Douglas Rosenthal, Inc. :248-356-7512
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                    Children's Village International Center
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                    Bushnell Congregational church
                    Bharatiya temple
                    Deli-Hop, Inc.
                    Toner and Ink cartridges
                    Cartridge City: Kristen Goodell 248-960-7999
                    Raven Logistics: Duane Kuzak
                    Detroit Firefighters
                    Vending and Video Machines
                    King Amusement, Inc.
                    Wayne-Ford Civic League
                    Blinds and Curtains
                    Wholesale Custom Blinds, Inc.
                    Transworld Systems: Michael Glass
                    Computer software
                    Applied Automation Technology, Inc.: Ray Karadyi
                    Real Technologies USA, Inc.: Shrinivas Kompella
                    Compconsults, Inc.: Sri Chundi
                    Century Cement
                    Core Concrete
                    Cost Segregation
                    Master Building Company
                    Credit card Processing
                    Heartland Payment Systems: Sue Aaronson 248-661-8262
                    Lad Electric
                    Electronic Payment Processors
                    No Check. L.L.C.
                    ISC-Inspection Services
                    Rama Rao & Alfred
                    Rite-way Design
                    Great Lakes Environmental Services, Inc.
                    Cartridge City: Kristin Goodell 248-960-7999
                    Mar-E-Lynn The Clown
                    Event Photo
                    Financial planners
                    Morgan Stanley: Jeff Lynn 248-538-5599
                    Morgan Stanley: Taal Ashmann,VP 1-248-848-8799
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                    Nexcare Health Systems
                    Dr. Michael Gambel
                    Dr. Jeffrey Joshowicz
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                    Janssen Refrigeration
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                    Salvation army valuation guide
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                    Ardamax Keylogger
                    Naomi Content Filtering
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